Professor Gerhard Streminger




Gerhard Streminger is an Austrian philosopher and author.
He was born in Graz in 1952. From 1970, he studied philosophy and mathematics in Graz, Goettingen, Edinburgh (with G.E.Davie) and Oxford (with J.L.Mackie), gaining his PhD in 1978 at the University of Graz, where he held posts from 1975 until 1997.
He habilitated there in 1984, was appointed Assistant Professor in 1988 and received the title of University Professor in 1995. In 1981 he was Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Streminger was also awarded the 1991/92 Humboldt Scholarship at the University of Bochum. In 2006 he received the David Hume Award of the Kellmann Society for Humanism and Enlightenment. Streminger is a member of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung.
His most important publications are: Adam Smith. Reinbek: Rowohlt 1989 (2. ed.: 1999, german); Gottes Guete und die Uebel der Welt. Das Theodizeeproblem. Tuebingen: Mohr 1992 (german and italian); David Hume. Sein Leben und sein Werk. Paderborn: Schoeningh 1994 (2. ed.: 1994, Paperback: 1995, german); Der natuerliche Lauf der Dinge. Marburg: Metropolis 1995 (german).